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A Place to Breathe with Michelle Grace Steinberg and Robyn Bykofsky

Episode Summary

A conversation about immigration, refugees, and the American Healthcare system with Director/Producer Michelle Grace Steinberg and Producer Robyn Bykofsky of the documentary A Place to Breathe.

Episode Notes

A Place to Breathe is a documentary that "explores the universality of trauma and resilience through the eyes of immigrant and refugee healthcare practitioners and patients". It provides an important glimpse into the heinous crimes that have happened (and continue to happen) around the world that have led people to escape their homes and seek refuge, and the people that run the organizations and clinics created to help them heal. We sat down with director/producer Michelle Grace Steinberg and producer Robyn Bykofsky about their process in choosing which stories to highlight, how medical care is so much more than just physical, the healing power of cultural festivals and events, the unnecessary loopholes that immigrants/refugees need to go through, and the ultimate goal for their production company, Underexposed Films. We thank them for their work, and for sharing this story in such a critical time in our country.

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