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Grievers author - adrienne maree brown

Episode Summary

A deeply moving and inspirational conversation with writer/podcast host/incredible human, adrienne maree brown.

Episode Notes

We're not quite sure how to even describe this episode, other than to say it left us wanting to journal afterwards. Erin has been trying to get adrienne maree brown on the show for quite some time, and after listening, you'll hopefully understand why. Her new novel, Grievers, is based in Detroit, and centers around a mysterious illness, loss, gentrification, loneliness, and ultimately, the importance of community. It is a poignant reflection of her life's work, and we get into her origin story, Pleasure Activism, the toxicity of Capitalism, and how to overcome the anger and the sadness to realize the bigger picture. Thank you adrienne for this lovely therapy session, you rocked our world and we hope to have you on again sometime soon!

Purchase adrienne's novel, Grievers here

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Listen to Adrienne's podcasts How to Survive the End of the World, Octavia's Parables, and the Emergent Strategy Podcast

Podcast references: Grace Lee Bogg's autobiography Living for Change  and documentary American Revolutionary

Grace Lee Bogg's book with Scott Kurashige The Next American Revolution 


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