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Bitch Talk with Tiny Pricks Project founder Diana Weymar

Episode Summary

Erin & Ange chat with Diana as she calls in from Victoria, British Columbia.

Episode Notes

This week, we welcome Diana Weymar from the Tiny Pricks Project, the largest textile Trump protest everShe discusses the first piece she created for the project, how it has built a sense of community, and how it became the most peaceful way to deal with the stress that the idiot in chief has brought upon our country.  We also talked about the importance of having material record of 45's presidency, because WORDS (f-ing) MATTER.  With over 2,000 pieces in total, this project is truly uniting people all around the world!  You do not have to be a professional to be part of the project, just find a quote from Cheeto face that "inspires" you, stitch it on whatever material you have available, and send it in.  

Thank you Diana, for giving us a healthy way to deal with this never ending stress, while being creative, and staying connected.  We usually just turn to whiskey.  Stay safe and sane out there, folks.  

Find Tiny Pricks Project on Instagram here.


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