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CAAMFest 2021 - Ricochet Part 2 with Matt Gonzalez

Episode Summary

Catching up with SF Chief Trial Attorney Matt Gonzalez about his role in the documentary Ricochet, SF Politics, and finding balance with art.

Episode Notes

We're at the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) Festival with part 2 of our coverage on the documentary Ricochet (if you haven't already, check out part 1 with director Chihiro Wimbush!). Matt Gonzalez is someone whose work we have followed (both as a trial lawyer and as a politician) in San Francisco for almost 20 years, and we were so excited to have him on the show to speak about his pivotal role in Ricochet. We get into the need for reform in immigration law, how the term sanctuary city has often been misunderstood, and why working on this case was so important for him. He also shares some insight into his 2003 run for SF Mayor against Gavin Newsom, his run for Vice President alongside Ralph Nader in 2008, and how art gives him balance. Enjoy!

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Be well, stay safe, Black Lives Matter, AAPI Lives Matter, and thank you for wearing a mask. 


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