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CAAMFest 2021 - The Race Epidemic with Filmmakers Tony Shyu and Ron Wong

Episode Summary

A CAAMFest 2021 conversation about the documentary The Race Epidemic with director/co-writer Tony Shyu, and co-writer/producer Ron Wong.

Episode Notes

We're celebrating Asian American history at the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) Festival, this time focusing on a documentary called The Race Epidemic. The history of racism against Asian Americans is something that has been hidden and erased from our history books, making a documentary like this more important than ever in this moment. We sat down with filmmakers Tony Shyu and Ron Wong about the evolution of this film, why certain words like "freedom" are triggering to people of color, how they decided which stories to choose, and their potential plans to turn this into a series. We thank them for telling these important stories, and hope this can eventually lead to the inclusion of Asian American history into our classrooms.

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Be well, stay safe, Black Lives Matter, AAPI Lives Matter, and thank you for wearing a mask. 


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