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CAAMFEST 2023 - Thúy Trần, Festival and Exhibitions Director

Episode Summary

We're kicking off CAAMFEST 2023 (May 11-21st) with a fun conversation with Festival and Exhibitions Director, Thúy Trần.

Episode Notes

Welcome to CAAMFEST ( Center For Asian American Media) 2023! We're kicking off the festival (May 11-21st) by bringing you a fun conversation with the Festival and Exhibitions Director, Thúy Trần. 

Thúy is a ball of energy and a force to be reckoned with! She shares her upbringing as a Vietnamese immigrant, why she felt called to the Bay Area, how she landed her role at CAAM, and what exciting events and films we have to look forward to. We also discuss the evolution of Asian American representation, how she takes her role as a gatekeeper very seriously, and the importance of community. We are so excited about this year's CAAMFEST lineup of events, and hope to see you there! 

Bitch Talk is a proud Community Partner of the following two CAAMFEST events, we hope to see you there!

Jeanette Lee VS

Directions in Sound: Fanny and Friends

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