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MADHAVI Writer/Director Jacintha Charles + Producer Lisa Yadao

Episode Summary

Talking with director/writer Jacintha Charles and friend of the show producer Lisa Yadao about their short film MADHAVI - a story about the aftermath of domestic abuse violence within the South Asian community.

Episode Notes

Hello Bitch Talk fam. This interview has nearly been a year in the making and we're so glad we could finally welcome onto our show writer/director Jacintha Charles and we welcome back a friend-of-the-show, producer Lisa Yadao of Paper Tongue Productions. Jacintha has written a beautiful, moving short film called MADHAVI - a story touching on the aftermath of domestic violence within the South Asian community. 

In our conversation we talk about why Jacintha wanted to tackle this subject, how Lisa got involved (it involves a chance meeting in an apartment lobby in San Francisco), how Hollywood is doing in recognizing Asian + South Asian + Women's stories, and more. 

This conversation was just a reminder that there are so many undertold stories out there that we must demand, as film and media consumers, diversity in Hollywood. It matters who the studio heads are, who the writers are, who's behind the camera, who is editing, who the publicity team is - all of it. If it's a lot of the same looking people, we're going to keep getting re-makes and films like Licorice Pizza. 

Madhavi is making it's way on the film festival circuit and we'll keep you updated where it lands so you can watch it too. Please head out there and support independent film. 


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Be well, stay safe, Black Lives Matter, AAPI Lives Matter, and fuck the Supreme Court.



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