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The First Step with Brandon and Lance Kramer

Episode Summary

We're at the Bentonville Film Festival (virtually) taking about The First Step, a documentary about Van Jones, with filmmakers Brandon and Lance Kramer..

Episode Notes

This is our first year covering the Bentonville Film Festival, and we're excited to bring you this conversation with filmmakers/brothers Brandon and Lance Kramer, of the documentary The First Step. This film follows tv host/author/political commentator Van Jones as he attempts to pass a criminal justice bill under the Trump administration. They discuss their connection to Van Jones, the divisive nature of politics, and the difficulties of gaining access to interviews in the White House. In a country where we like to label people as villains or heroes, this film shows how real life is not that simple. 

If you live in California, don't forget to vote NO ON THE RECALL of Governor Newsom! This is a Republican power play that will end up costing us millions of dollars. For official information on the recall, click here.


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